Freezing Onions and Bell Peppers

Did you know that you can freeze onions and bell peppers? It wasn’t too long ago that I did not know this simple little fact about cooking with fresh veggies. So, if you are kind of a newbie home cook, then you might want to know this as well.

Most of the time, I am cooking for two. Even with my weekly meal prep, I usually don’t need to dice an entire onion or bell pepper for any given dish. But I do not want to store left overs in the refrigerator just in case I won’t need said onions and bell peppers for some time to come. I don’t like anything to go to waste, so I freeze the extra.

onions and bell peppers
diced onions and bell peppers

Yep, go ahead and dice up the entire onion and bell pepper. Pop the pieces that you don’t use into freezer safe baggies and you’ll have them ready for use in your next meal. No need to defrost either. Just toss into the crock pot or soup pot or fry pan….how ever you need them, these little flavor bursts are just a freezer door away.

True, you can buy little bags of frozen onions and bell peppers, but they cost more than buying a fresh onion and a pepper and dicing them yourself. Plus, they are generally more flavorful to boot.

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