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IKEA kitchen island remake

Our kitchen is very small, but it didn’t stop me from dreaming of a kitchen island for extra storage. I wanted to be able to clear my counters by storing my crock pot and larger bowls and platters on the island. My idea was to be able to store the blender and toaster as well, but that didn’t happen since even the island is too small. LOL, but it is better than nothing and , frankly, I love the way it turned out.

IKEA kitchen islandWe went to IKEA because we knew that they stocked small islands at a reasonable price. WOW! We lucked out and found two small islands in the “last chance” room for only $35.00 each. . They were in unopened boxes so we felt that they must be in good shape. You know, rather than the totally broken stuff that you often find on the “last chance” sales floor. island-into-kitchen I painted the base white and added a bit of a darker stain to the tops. I then put little cup hooks at one end and hung my cute pot holders. Even with the two islands there is still a good three feet to walk on either side. Perfect!kitchen islandI also wanted to show you how cool my newly painted cabinets turned out. I chose white for the uppers and grey for the lowers. On the stove side of the kitchen, I left all of the cabinets white. Since I have a cabinet, a white dishwasher, a cabinet and a white stove, another cabinet and then a white fridge…well, you can see the problem. It would look like a checker board if I painted the lowers on that side of the room grey. duo-toned-cabinetsOur cabinets were a brown stained wood so I really like the new, cleaner look of the kitchen with the painted is a little shelf above the fridge. Kind of cute I think.

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