The Right Way to Roast Chickpeas 

I’ve followed other instructions to the tee for roasting chick peas, but they come out nowhere near crunchy, so I was pretty excited to find these directions. They are perfection! Follow the instructions here and you will have roasted chick peas that are spicy, crunchy and delicious. (I used the Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime spice mixed with the Mrs. Dash extra hot spice plus garlic powder. WOW! What a crunchy, satisfying punch!.)

House of Mitchells

Only the best snack you will ever have in your life that can replace a craving for something salty and carby, like chips or something – and the best part is, you can make this snack salty AND spicy by adding lots of cayenne pepper!

I’ve seen variations of this recipe pop up here and there on my Pinterest and Instagram, but I’ve found they’re never quite right (in my opinion). I started making this snack before it was a thing, when I was majorly cutting back on carbs/adding fiber as I prepared for my wedding day, back in 2011.

Although my pre-wedding diet is very much behind me (I munched on some chips last night at a friend’s BBQ 😬) I still sometimes crave these roasted chickpeas and love that I feel guilt free when I eat them. They’re seriously good for you.Chickpeas are naturally low in fat…

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