Fun and Easy DIY Marbled Christmas Ornaments

This nail polish marbling is THE most fun because you never know exactly how each ornament will turn out. They are all different and, mostly, all cool. Even the ones that are kind of messed up can be re-dipped and made pretty. DIY ornaments

This is an easy, fail- safe way to decorate clear Christmas ornaments. In fact, my three year old niece and I just made some yesterday. Now, I have to tell you. MY smartest-ever-teeney-tiny toddler has been crafting since she was born. OK, ALMOST since she was born. I started her on her way to craft-mania as soon as she could hold a paintbrush so she is well aware of the “be careful” concept.marbled-ornaments

All that to say that maybe some kids need to be a little older to do this. And ALL kids including yourself should do this craft technique in a well ventilated area- outside if possible. The fumes are strong and smell like, well, fingernail polish.

You will need:

  • several different colors of fingernail polish. I bought the cheap stuff at the Dollar Store.
  • a disposable container for water- get one that is deep enough to dip the ornament at least half way down.
  • clear Christmas ornaments – glass or plastic both work.
  • optional: Tinsel to fill the ornaments

Nail polish marbling

Fill a disposable container with cold water. Gently drop nail polish into the container. It will float on the water surface.nail polish marblingUse a tooth pick to swirl the colors. marbled Christmas ornamentSlowly dip the ornaments down into the water bath. The polish will adhere to the glass or plastic. Remove from the bath and shake off excess water. hang to dry. Once dry, you can stuff them with silver tinsel if you like.on-treevarietyI love sharing craft techniques so, if you make these or ANY DIY ornaments, I wanna see them! Feel free to post your link in the comments section and I’ll go check out your art.

Happy creating!


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