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Autumn Decor on a Budget

Decorating on the cheap is pretty much the love of my life. Well, and Les and Ali, my family,  art, crafts, reading, cooking, blogging, buying cute clothes for my adorable, smartest-kid-ever grand niece..heheheh…I guess the list is kind of long. At any rate,  decorating ANYTHING is up near the top of said list.

autumn display
autumn props

I love studying books, magazines and the internet for ideas on really, really cool, albeit expensive, decor. Then I like to collect and study thrift, on-sale, cheap, or side-of-the road/dumpster objects. My biggest kick is figuring out how to make them look better or more cool, but for next to nothing $$$. By the time the next holiday rolls around, I have a haul of new (old) stuff to put to the test.My lovely niece graciously lets me practice my Design-on-a-Dime skills on her and her cute little apartment. Just a teeny bit of the things that I need to wrap up to take over to Steph’s house. See those little burlap covered containers near the horse’ feet in the above photo?Those were one of my DIYs this time around. They are little coffee tins covered with white glue and then wrapped with burlap. For more detail, I wrapped the tops and bottoms with a thin jute twine. The same twine was used to tie little knots through the buttons and then I just hot glued them on. I made a tone of them in different shapes and sizes. Unless you are way more organized than me and have a clear picture of exactly what you are going to do (hmmm, NOT me),  you just never know where you will need a container to hold flowers, stems, branches or whatever. You can see one of them in use on the shelf in the photo below.Steph has a four-shelf bookcase in her hallway, so I decked the shelves out with inexpensive, mostly thrift store objects. I would show you the other two shelves, but the photos are blurry. Unfortunately, my niece lives an hour and a half away so it’s not just a quick run up to retake the photos. (Note to self: Stop rushing the photos. Grin…Since starting this blog, I have been practicing and learning about my camera. I am slowly getting better. I expect that next year’s pics will be fabulous Dahlin’!)Happy Thanksgiving! Let me know if you DIY’d your own holidays and please DO  share links if you have pics of them. I’d love to take a look.