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Up-cycled ammunition boxes

Stacked along the chain link fence at J&G gun store are huge walls of empty ammo boxes. Since the parking lot where I work butts up to that fence and I often eat lunch in my car,  I had been staring at them for months.  I wondered how I might use them. There were several “For Sale” signs posted on the fence, so I knew that they were up for grabs. boxesThe beat up, rustic look of the containers is right up my alley. I’m a shabby-chic mixed with industrial-funk type of girl, so I had to something with them. Finally, I bought several of the boxes deciding to make more art studio storage. Everybody needs more storage, right? Granted, my organizing attempts makes our house look even more cluttered, but, like Les says, “This whole house is an art studio. It’s supposed to be jam packed with “making”. (And, believe me, it is exactly that.)

box-detailThe ammo boxes came with hinged lids, so I had to disassemble them first. They also had a lead liner that was really sharp and jagged where they were cut open.  I trimmed and folded the sharp edges back and to the inside of the box. Then I nailed the liner in place. I left the clasps and hardware on the boxes. You can see them in the photo above as well as the photo below. I like that they are old and rusted.

I arranged six of the boxes with three of them flanking a central roombrushes-and-glitterThen I put some supplies and lots of little toys in and on them. I love Halloween and Christmas so I keep a few of those toys out year round.Halloween-2

vintage-santasThese containers come from foreign lands and have interesting text and markings stamped all over them. Where once they held items meant for killing, now they have been up-cycled into something peaceful; something to hold art supplies. Don’t you think that is a good cycle?

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