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Halloween on a Dime

black Halloween tree

I LOVE Halloween, but I rarely have time to decorate my own house. So, I work in a visit with my niece and my grand niece by decorating THEIR house. Luckily, Steph doesn’t mind a pushy old aunt changing her house around. Plus, the kids (both young and old) get a kick out of seeing all of the decorations come out. This display is nothing more expensive than going out back and cutting down a few dead tree limbs. I spray painted them black with paint that I already had. The rest, ravens, tiny glass ornaments and skull, is from the Dollar Store.

By the way, things out of the yard DO have bugs on them. I sprayed the branches with RAID just to be sure that I was not bringing anything crawling into her house. THEN I sprayed them and let dry completely before putting them into my car. Ditto about not wanting crawly things in my car.

Halloween printables
Halloween display

Steph already had the glass urn so we stuffed it with florist’s foam and then tucked burlap in and around it to hide the green foam.I was looking for the link on the Victorian printable (that we put above the mantle) this morning, but could not find it. I did find a really cool blog that offers free printables as shown above.  You can get the free Halloween downloads by clicking here or on the photo above. I’m definitely going there next year. But our theme was Halloween Goth so, not this year. We just did an old looking raven on a skull’s head for our center picture. The frame is Dollar store, of course.Almost everything on the mantle is from the Dollar Store. The “poison” bottles were on a clearance rack at Hobby Lobby from last year. You can’t really tell in this photo, but there is a little vase with tiny skulls in the center of the display. We used food coloring to tint the water red. Creepy. I usually get to stay two days with the decorating finished on the first day and crafts with the little one on the second day. My niece has never shown much interest in arts and crafts, so I’m determined that my great niece will love arts and crafts as much as I do. She’s just turned three and I’ve been working on her to love books and everything that I do since she was born. Decorating for the holidays is part of my evil plan. So far, my brain washing is working.

As always, I would love it if you would post links of your holiday DIYs in the comments section. You can post by clicking on “comments” up above. (right under my heading.)


Happy Halloween!