Sugar Free Alternative to Starbucks Raspberry Green Tea Frappe

raspberry matcha frappe

The sun is just coming up and I need to get a move on with my new day. It’s my day off and I’m feeling a little sluggish about getting up. I REALLY want to sleep in, but I have too much to do today. I know! I’ll make a raspberry green tea frappe. Well, a really good fake RGTF anyway.

I used to be so hooked on the Starbucks version of this drink that I HAD to have one every Sunday morning.  Not only did it have full whipped cream, but I always got it with the full fat milk as well. Who knows how many calories are packed into those things. The Starbucks drink also costs a small fortune. Since I want to retire in a couple of years I’m trying to watch my pennies. So I came up with this healthy alternative to the Starbucks yummy-licious drink. This frappe tastes so much like the original that I kind of wonder if Starbucks is putting matcha into their green tea frappe. Nah…probably not, but try this and you’ll see. It’s delicious!

making an organic raspberry matcha frappe

Yummy Alternative to Starbuck's raspberry green tea frappe

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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Sugar Free Raspberry Matcha frappe

  • 3 tbsp organic matcha powder
  • 1 cup french vanilla coconut creamer
  • one jigger of unswetened raspberry syrup
  • one cup of ice
  • 1 small packet of Stevia

Into my blender I throw three tablespoons of organic matcha powder, one cup of French Vanilla Coconut Creamer, one jigger my unsweetened homemade raspberry syrup and one packet of Stevia. Then I will add a cup of ice and blend it all until it is smooth like a frappe. Fast, easy, sweet and fabulous. Just the incentive that I need to get out of bed and get busy.

raspberry matcha
raspberry matcha drink with pitzella cookies



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