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Art Day at Lynx Lake

When the going gets tough- say I am having a bad day at work- my husband, Les and I will pack up the truck and head on out for an art day in the wilderness. Into the truck we throw our cooler with lots of good eats, a ton of art supplies and a couple of folding chairs along with a table if we are going somewhere really wild. Since life can get stressful, it’s lucky for us that there is a lot of wilderness around here and a ton of really beautiful camping spots outfitted with tables, water and bathrooms. Perfect for creating!

Rusty red berries
Rusty red berries

The spot that we chose this past weekend was Lynx Lake near Prescott, Arizona.It’s got beautiful campgrounds full of gorgeous scenery. The camp spots are pristine and fairly private since it is so wooded. If you go in the middle of the week, it’s VERY private and quiet. There are a ton of hiking trails crisscrossing the area.  It’s one of our favorite spots and I highly recommend it both as a day camp and an overnight camp.

Wilderness, an acrylic painting in progress by Sandra McCall

Sometimes I bring blank canvases, paper or board to work on, but this time I decided to bring a canvas that I’ve been staring at for about a year now. I just did not know where to go with it. There is something about declaring “an art day” with my husband that is so freeing. When you are on location (especially out in the wilds), you are tied to only what you brought or what you can make on the spot. A lack of so many studio choices clears my head so that I can continue painting in freedom. Now I finally like the finished painting. Yay!

Wilderness, an acrylic painting by Sandra McCall
Wilderness, an acrylic painting by Sandra McCall

On our art adventures, Les works on his sketch books. Or he paints or he takes a bazillion photos, or he makes things with what he finds. Check out the little altered guys that he made with pine cones and berries. He left them propped on the grate of a fire pit. Les believes that his art is fleeting and is only there “for the moment”. But I find it much more precious. Still, I leave them where he places them and sincerely hope that someone savvy finds them and realizes what a gift they are. Check out the cool little guys that Les made this art day.

Les Gains and his altered art
Les Gains and his altered art

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